Austin Powers in Goldmember review

:. Director: Jay Roach
:. Starring: Mike Myers, Beyoncé Knowles
:. Running Time: 1:34
:. Year: 2002
:. Country: USA


The third installment of Austin Powers adventures marks a series out of breath, as Goldmember resembles a disjointed series of sketches placed end to end in order to fill 90 minutes of film.

While Austin Powers is still the title character, his role here is relegated to the background in order to concentrate on his father (played by Michael Caine) and the Dr. Evil/Mini-Me duo. After the amusing opening, a wink to certain Hollywood stars pushing caricature, one quickly sinks into a string of sluggish scenes featuring tedious dialogues and bad humor. The film lacks rhythm and the heaviness does not seem to be limited to its gags.

While the Dutch character Goldmember makes you laugh, you have to wait for the film's end and the arrival of the pee-pee/pooh-pooh jokes for the film to finally leave its torpor. The film excels in drawing laughter from its potty humor and dwarf drubbing. The James Bond spoof is only a pretext for jokes in bad taste that the public can shamelessly enjoy. After all, it's a spy comedy!

Goldmember involuntarily parodies itself by referring to the preceding episodes through the presence of recurring characters while M:i-2, Harry Palmer, The Silence of the Lambs and Foxy Brown go through the Powers quotation mill.

Fans will appreciate this; others will think a 30-minute sitcom would have been sufficient.

  Fred Thom

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