Austin Powers 2: The Spy who shagged me review

:. Director: Jay Roach
:. Starring: Mike Myers, Heather Graham
:. Running Time: 1:35
:. Year: 1999
:. Country: USA


Mike Myers's movies target the American audience and cannot survive beyond US boundaries. Austin Powers 2: The Spy who shagged me, in the lineage of its predecessor, is a stupid movie that primarily appeals to its domestic audience.

Contrary to its title, Austin Powers 2: The Spy who shagged me, the movie spoofs Moonraker with some elements of Dr No (the island and Heather Graham getting out of the water), A view to a Kill (the polar capsule) and Goldeneye (the Russian spy) among others, and adds a time machine.

You already know that this movie is just a pretext for a series of gags directly from the school of Beavis and Butthead where finesse and spirit have no place. However, I must admit it, it succeeded in providing me with some good laughs, what was never the case of its prequel. Certain gags you see coming from a mile away such as the coffee scene in the lab works well, while the one in the tent is hilarious. The funniest jokes are indeed the most vulgar ones. Starbucks, as a cover for the secret organsation to invade the world is a good idea and not so far from its real corporate policy. The references to Star Wars, that Austin Powers kicked out of the Number One Spot, are welcome as they thumb their noses at to the self-proclamed summer blockbuster. But the funniest is certainly that vicious dwarf and the scene where Austin Powers knocks him against the walls.

Mike Myers, of course, only knows how to overact while leggy Heather Graham just passes by smiling. Some unexpected cameos spice up the movie but Jerry Springer is unbearable. While the movie nicely mocks his talk show, the most trashy of the US, it also puts him on a pedestal instead of burning him at the stake.

Even if Austin Powers 2 is funnier than its prequel, it is nethertheless stupid and does not deserve to be encouraged by the purchase of a ticket. Instead rent the first James Bond Casino Royale, where Peter Sellers, Woody Allen, Orson Welles et David Niven spoof with a touch of English humor the books about the famous secret agent.

  Fred Thom

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