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East of Havana East of Havana
I expected a lot more from East of Havana, a documentary about a group of underground rappers in Cuba.

East Side Story East Side Story
A hilarious and heartfelt gay love triangle with an unnatural heterosexual twist set in East Los Angeles, East Side Story is the counterpart to Quinceañera.

Elephant Elephant
Freely inspired by the tragedy of Colombine, this relentless fiction directed by Gus Van Sant is a masterpiece of mise-en-scène.

Other Side Of Berlin Ellen Allien: The Other Side Of Berlin
Presented by Time Out Magazine, this CD/DVD package is part of an innovative series, where handpicked local artists are chosen to serve as musical and visual tour guides for their hometown.

Elizabeth Elizabeth
Recounting the mechanisms of an apprenticeship of power, Elizabeth is a cold and colorful historical drama driven by a B cast.

Elite Squad 2 Elite Squad 2
Slick and intense, without going over-the-top, the film is reminiscent of those vicious Italian crime flicks from the 70's.

Embodiment of Evil Embodiment of Evil
Embodiment of Evil is the latest entry in the infamous Coffin Joe series.

Enemy At The Gate Enemy At The Gate
With a colossal budget, historical context and Hollywood distribution, one would have hoped for Enemy At The Gate to be an authentic European response to ultra-patriotic American war films in the vein of Saving Private Ryan. Far from it, Jean-Jacques Annaud's film rather resembles rather an egocentric fantasy where the direction is hardly defined.

Equilibrium Equilibrium
A failed B thriller recycling all azimuth, Equilibrium is one of these by-products which, in the vein of the post-apocalyptic Italian productions of the 80's, sometimes has its moments.

Every Stewardess Goes To Heaven Every Stewardess Goes To Heaven
Stewardesses have always exerted a certain fascination, close to fantasy, a premise on which Argentine director Daniel Burman has built his second film, trying to demystify a myth through a metaphorical romantic comedy.

The Eye The Eye
For their second time behind the camera, the Pang brothers (Bangkok Dangerous) have chosen to cultivate horror, a resolutely en vogue genre in contemporary Asian cinema.

Eye-See-You (D-Tox) Eye-See-You (D-Tox)
Eye-see-you, a Jim Gillepsie film, mixes two genres: the serial killer and the whodunit. Critique of a flop.

Eyes Wide Shut Eyes Wide Shut
Includes two movie analyses and a look at the film's marketing campaign.


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