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Queen To Play Queen To Play
Using chess as the central thread of this story, Queen to Play isn't however a film about the game itself but rather the portrait of a woman's mid-life crisis, with light doses of social commentary in the background.

Quills Quills
With such a fiery subject, the Marquis De Sade, it would have been easy to make of Quills a voyeuristic, gratouitously shocking film, or on the contrary, a puritanical and condemning lampoon. Philip Kaufman (Unbearable Lightness of Being) avoids the trap of the tendency in order to compose a gorgeous ode to the freedom of expression.

QuinceaÃâ±era QuinceaÃâ±era
Contrasting the culture and traditions of Southern California Mexican-Americans with the youth culture of today, Quinceanera is a tribute to the individuality and strength of social exiles.

Radio Corazon Radio Corazon
Radio Corazon is based on three stories that were heard on a popular Chilean radio show.

The Railroad All-Stars The Railroad All-Stars
Railroad All-Stars tells the story of a group of Guatemalan prostitutes who form a soccer team to bring attention to the abuses they suffer at the hands of police and clients in Guatemala City slum.

Rapt Rapt
While writer/director Lucas Belvaux keeps a couple elements inherent to this subgenre, he delivers a different type of film, focusing instead on the behind the scenes and psychological consequences of a kidnapping.

Read My Lips Read My Lips
A sexless tale of love from two marginal people in French society might not sound like a thriller or a trip down Ha Ha Street, but humor and edginess compete to make a heartfelt film.

The Recruit The Recruit
Conceived like a negative of Spygame, The Recruit confronts Pacino, a CIA old-timer and untouchable film icon with Colin Farrell, a young agency recruit and Hollywood It Boy of the moment.

Red Dragon Red Dragon
Adapting Thomas Harris' first chapter of the Lecter trilogy was a daunting task, a cinematic mantrap as it would be hard to top The Silence of the Lambs in people's mind and outdo Hannibal's bold extravaganza. But there was another challenge as Michael Mann already mastered the subject with Manhunter in 1986.

Revolucion Revolucion
A new generation of Mexican filmmakers questions the gains of the Mexican Revolution as its centenary fast approaches.

Red Lights Red Lights
A suspense film with strong doses of dark comedy, Cédric Kahn's new film shows how our lives and the consequences of our acts can get caught in a precise and intricate mechanism only controlled by fate.

The Red Siren (La SirÃâ¨ne Rouge) The Red Siren
Is there life after The Professional? That's what French director Olivier Megaton seems to think as The Red Siren recycles all the tricks of the European action cinema trade with, at times, a few moments of inspiration.

Reign of Fire Reign of Fire
With its dragons, post-apocalyptic setting, limited budget and overacting from one of the lead actors, Reign of Fire is nothing less than a B-movie disguised as a big production.

Requiem for a Dream Requiem for a Dream
Requiem for a Dream takes a raw look at the lives of four addicts and how their addictions fuel their own delusion as well as the depths to which they will degrade themselves to realize the unattainable. From the director of Pi.

Resfest Resfest
Resfest, a global festival promoting innovation in film, art, music and design in the digital age, has compiled some of its most representative entries on a series of DVDs.

Respiro Respiro
In Respiro, a stunning Valeria Golino hangs on to her dreams on an impoverished Sicilian island. Director Emanuele Crialese has created a beautiful fable about jealousy, cruelty, sexual tension and tolerance among the rough and jagged rocks.

Restless Restless
Restless tells the encounter of two people facing death, each of them reacting with opposing forces to this matter.

The Sea Inside Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles
With Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles, we are offered yet another opportunity to see the softer side of one of cinema's leading contemporary filmmakers.

The Ring The Ring
With its subtle and hypnotic approach to horror, its stylized esthetics and mirror effects, The Ring is an atypical film, a postmodern work that transcends a dying genre to feed itself with the obsessions and phobias of a society that's victim to media saturation.

Rivals Rivals
Leather jackets, tight jeans, big moustaches, Renault 5 and disco sounds: there is no doubt, we're in the 70's. Filled with nostalgia, Jacques Maillot's Rivals brings us back to an era that was marked by Jean-Paul Belmondo and Alain Delon's cop and gangster movies.

Rivers and Tides Rivers and Tides
This documentary, winner of The Golden Gate Award at the 2002 San Francisco Film Festival, follows artist Andy Goldsworthy for about a year, capturing on film the process of his creative genius. Most of the time Goldsworthy's work requires documentation by photographic imagery, since his art is, by nature, of nature itself, and therefore often subject to immediate decay.

Road to Perdition Road to Perdition
In Road to Perdition, a work of rare visual beauty with a sometime evasive plot, Sam Mendes completely changes course to take the more familiar road of gangster film.

Robin Hood Robin Hood
Robin Hood does not really have any other ambition than to entertain by taking itself seriously without investing itself further.

RocknRolla RocknRolla
It's good to finally see Mr. Ritchie back with a highly enjoyable picture which once again plunges us into London's world of crime.

Rollerball Rollerball
John McTiernan's remake of Rollerball has been dissed both by critics and the audience. Poorly publicized and stealthily distributed, did it deserve such a hostile reception?

The Royal Tenenbaums The Royal Tenenbaums
Quirky, funny and thought provoking, The Royal Tenenbaums is a fine film that introduces a dysfunctional family with heart and avoids overbearing pity.

Russian Ark Russian Ark
Art and history cross and merge openly during this inter-temporal and surrealist guided visit that Aleksandr Sokurov has invited us to attend.

The Russian Dolls The Russian Dolls
In this follow-up to the international hit L'Auberge Espagnole, we once again follow the romantic misadventures of Xavier, which this time, bring him from Paris to England and Russia.

RX follows the road-trip gone wrong of three Los Angeles teenagers on their way to a rave in Mexico—a cover for the boys' secret plan to smuggle back some drugs.

R Xmas R Xmas
In R Xmas, a corrupt Christmas tale in which bare narrative and settings flirt with a documentary, Abel Ferrara focuses on an unholy trinity, a wealthy and good-looking family living off of a lucrative drug-dealing business.


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