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Factory Girl Factory Girl
As I walked out of the screening of Factory Girl, one question kept haunting me as to whether this biopic about Andy Warhol's muse, Edie Sedgwick, was intentionally superficial or not.

Family Hero Family Hero
With the city of Nice as the spectacular setting, the actors of Family Hero shine and shimmer as brightly as the azure waters that surround them.

Fanfan la Tulipe Fanfan la Tulipe
A remake of a Christian-Jaque film shot in 1952, this Fanfan la Tulipe, from the Luc Besson stable, has neither the epic dimension, nor the panache of the original version.

Far from Heaven Far from Heaven
Todd Haynes honors the artistry of 1950's director Douglas Sirk, but he does more than simply showcasing themes or simple elements of Sirk's style. This is a sort of remake, but a remake not of a movie itself, but of a movie's possibilities, had our world been different.

Fahrenheit 9/11 Fahrenheit 9/11
Michael Moore is a formidable war machine: a highly skilled strategist, he furbishes his weapons to carry out the offensive against four years of George W. Bush's politics. However, in regards to cinema, once again he takes out the heavy artillery.

Farewell Farewell
Farewell moves slowly, enveloped in some kind of coldness and inertia that seems to reflect the state of this pre-perestroika Russian society.

Fassbinder in Hollywood Fassbinder in Hollywood
Fassbinder in Hollywood focuses on the relationship between Hollywood—and the US to an extent—and German filmmaker Werner Fassbinder.

Fast Food Nation Fast Food Nation
This adaptation of Eric Schlosser's best seller is an unclassifiable filmic object, where breaks in style prevail.

The Fast Runner The Fast Runner
An amazing first feature, this film is a cross between a mythological epic in the fictional narrative tradition of Homer's The Odyssey, and a documentary for an anthropology college class.

The Fatherless The Fatherless
Like lots of movies based on the same premise, The Fatherless is a bit claustrophobic as you get stuck with a few characters within the limits of a property.

Feast of the Goat Feast of the Goat
To be frank, Anaconda and Sniper are way more enjoyable and effective than this ballooned attempt at a serious politically-charged oeuvre.

Femme Fatale Femme Fatale
With Femme Fatale, Brian de Palma proposes an amused exercise in style, bright fireworks that voraciously embrace all the clichés of the genre and officiate as a parodied and baroque homage.

Ferpect Crime Ferpect Crime
Álex de la Iglesia has this time set his camera on beauty, ugliness, jealousy & the curse of marriage, with the most unexpected background, the women's section of a Spanish department store.

Fight Club Fight Club
David Fincher is a skilled director.His latest film, Fight Club, is without a doubt his most enjoyable and experimental work to date. A mad film in which the subject matter is mastered by Fincher and where his dearest themes are kaleidoscoped.

Filmmakers vs. Tycoons Filmmakers vs. Tycoons
In Filmmakers vs. Tycoons, Spanish director Carlos Benpar drafts a documentarial manifesto aiming at defending the rights of artists against any alteration of their work.

Fish Tank Fish Tank
Fish Tank is above all the story of a revelation named Katie Jarvis, the lead actress who was discovered at 17 in a train station.

Flandres Flandres
Bruno Dumont's film mirrors two spaces with climates that are worlds apart: the cinegenic region of Flanders and an Eastern country suffocating from the heat.

Flowers From Another World Flowers From Another World
Flowers from Another World contemplates love, immigration, racism, opportunity and culture shock in a little Spanish town.

For Your Consideration For Your Consideration
Christopher Guest's first non-mockumentary film in almost a decade, For Your Consideration is the writer-director-actor's critique of the award-season buzz that, year after year, plagues independent films with a cold insatiability.

Frailty Frailty
The title of Frailty could refer to a number of things: religion, reality, familial bonds. Unfortunately, it's more appropriate when referring to Frailty's muddled ending.

Frida Frida
Far from being a mere vanity project for Salma Hayek, Frida is a very good film that visually celebrates the life and art of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Director Julie Taynor has taken a rather straightforward bio of an exceptional figure and created a kaleidoscope of her life's greatest hits onscreen.

Friday Night Friday Night
A far cry from the postcard imagery foreigners might have of Paris, Claire Denis' Friday Night plunges us into a stand-still moment of the gritty everyday life of Parisians.

From Hell From Hell
Johnny Depp and Heather Graham star in From Hell, a Hughes Brothers film about hunting down Jack the Ripper in late 19th century London. Stylish and moody with mixed acting and a promising twist in solving the murders, the film suffers from being overly long, weak plot lines. A thriller that's not very thrilling also diminishes its power.

Frozen Frozen
Frozen is a surreal and evocative tale set in a depressing fishing town on England's coast. Though at times the pace is uneven, director Juliet McKoen knows when to reel the audience in for a finale that is as tragic as it is shocking.

Full Frontal Full Frontal
In Full Frontal, Steven Soderbergh exposes the Hollywood microcosm through an ironic and experimental lens.

Fulltime Killer Fulltime Killer
With Fulltime Killer Johnnie To, a specialist of action cinema, co-directed an exciting homage to a sub-genre, a nervous and flamboyant work where action borders on the mise-en-abîme.


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