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Safe Conduct (Laissez-Passer) Safe Conduct
Bertrand Tavernier loves cinema. And he also loves France and her proud cultural heritage, of which he has become a spokesperson. Finally, he loves history, which often nourishes his films. These three loves form the unifying topic of his latest film, which is also explicitly expressed in the dedication to "All those who lived this history" and in "Safe Conduct", which echoes the worst.

The Salton Sea The Salton Sea
Striking the imagination with its beautiful desolation, the Salton Sea is the perfect setting to echo the mood of Val Kilmer's character in this haunting neo-noir film soaked in black humor.

Sansa Sansa
In Sansa, artist/writer/director Siegfried follows a street hustler/artist (Roschdy Zen) who makes his way from Paris to Russia using his street smarts.

A Scanner Darkly A Scanner Darkly
An animated satire dipped in a thick layer of anti-establishment.

The Science of Sleep The Science of Sleep
The Science of Sleep draws its source from a vivid imaginary world where thwarted lovers impose their poetic gap onscreen.

The Score The Score
With an evocative title and surprising cast, The Score took off, gaining in advance, to conquer an audience in need of mature films and cerebral interpretations. Though the performance of the Brando - DeNiro duet is certainly worth a trip to the cinema, it's not the case for a conventional scenario that is so stretched as to leave an unquestionable feeling of deja-vu.

The Scorpion King The Scorpion King
In this new heroic fantasy adventure, the Scorpion King tries to steal Conan's crown while The Rock aims at removing Arnold from the throne of Action Kingdom. There is indeed no other purpose for this film other than cashing in at the box office and to introduce the wrestler as the new action star.

The Sea The Sea
Shakespeare travels to Iceland to visit a particularly odious family in The Sea. More dark comedy than irrevocable tragedy, Baltasar Kormakur's film takes a twisted look at how an old man beckons his unlikable children to divide up the family fishing empire.

The Sea Inside The Sea Inside
Alejandro Amenabar's new movie takes on the real life story of a Spanish quadriplegic who wants his life to end without endangering any of those who surround him.

Seaside Seaside
A first film which, through a gallery of portraits, looks like a commercial for a beach resort in the bay of Somme, France.

The Secret of the Grain The Secret of the Grain
Set in a small port in the south of France, The Secret of the Grain chronicles the journey of an old man who after being downsized out of a job decides to use his small savings to open a couscous restaurant on a junkyard boat.

Secrets of State Secrets of State
Positioned as a realistic look at the War of Intelligences and aiming at capturing both angles, Secrets of State leaves you with the feeling that becoming a secret agent is easier than you think.

Semen, A Love Story Semen, A Love Story
One of the funniest, original romantic comedies I've seen in long time.

Set Me Free Set Me Free
Set Me Free is probably the most luminous Dardenne film so far and the most optimistic.

Sex, Love & Betrayal Sex, Love & Betrayal
Sex, Love & Betrayal, a romantic comedy from Brazil, is a variation on a recent Mexican hit, transposed in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Sex With Love Sex With Love
Opening with an amusing parents-teacher sexual education meeting at a school in Santiago, Sex With Love then follows its protagonists to the heart of their homes, as they deal with their own sexuality.

Sexual Dependency Sexual Dependency
Sexual Dependency, the first feature from Bolivian director Rodrigo Bellot, follows the intertwined paths of 5 teenagers, from Bolivia to the US. Shot in split screen, the film follows each character, as a distinctive act, giving them a chance to be in the spotlight.

Sexy Beast Sexy Beast
Sexy Beast is everything most movies are not. A nice big package that includes cruelty, hilarity, a love story, and thrills.

Shadow of the Vampire Shadow of the Vampire
Beyond the obvious tribute to Nosferatu, Shadow Of The Vampire is an ironic reflection on the occupation of the filmmaker.

Shadow Hours Shadow Hours
Shadow Hours is a postcard of Los Angeles's after-dark underground life. It gives a glimpse at a lot of different places without showing too much and best of all it's cheap. So cheap that you should find it at the straight-to-video section from your favorite neighborhood videostore pretty soon.

Shaft Shaft
John Singleton's (Boyz in the Hood) revamping of Shaft hits you in all the right places. An action drama with enough doses of comedy to keep you entertained.

Shanghai Knights Shanghai Knights
Sharper and more amusing that its predecessor, Shanghai Knights once again brings together Owen Wilson's auto-derision and Jackie Chan's acrobatics.

Shakespeare in Love Shakespeare in Love
Shakespeare in Love, like its challenger Saving Private Ryan, surely merits an Oscar for the most overrated movie of the year. Since we are being frank, let's say that Shakespeare in Love is at the limit of tolerable.

The Sea Inside Shortbus
All states of sex and sex in all its states: such is the proposal of Shortbus, a hedonistic tragi-comedy.

Shoujyo Shoujyo
For his first time behind the camera, Eiji Okuda, chooses a difficult and embarrassing subject which he treats—and this is the strength of his film—with reserve and elegance.

Shrek the Third Shrek the Third
Shrek the Third feels more like a laid back TV sitcom featuring a fat guy nervous about becoming a father, albeit one with lots more marketing tie-ins of plastic and plushie products.

The Skin I Live In The Skin I Live In
With this story centered around a mad surgeon and an abduction, Almodovar delivers one of his signature films.

Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty
For her first film, writer/director Julia Leigh delivers a work that aims at teasing the spectator's sensitivity without falling into gratuitous provocation.

Slogan Slogan
Filled with beautiful images and not much content, Pierre Grimblat's Slogan looks like a glossy fashion magazine, and had it not have been for the presence of its stars, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, it would have been forgotten.

Someone I Loved Someone I Loved
Someone I Loved centers on an affair between a middle-aged married man and a beautiful young woman.

Spring Fever Spring Fever
With Spring Fever Ye Lou attacks a new sulfurous subject: homosexuality, still considered a mental disease in his country.

Spy(ies) Spy(ies)
French writer/director Nicolas Saada's debut film might be called Spy(ies) but the world he describes here is at the opposite of the glamour clichés usually associated with the genre.

The Stoning of Soraya M. The Stoning of Soraya M
The Stoning of Soraya M. is a haunting and powerful work, a political vehicle that denounces some archaic and unofficial rules that have no place in our civilized contemporary world.


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