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Overview is a bilingual English/French Webzine based in Southern California. With in-depth content and original features, offers its international audience a unique combination of entertainment, culture and sarcasm. Boasting up to 240,000 visits a month, visitors return for its original blend of style & content that is constantly updated. Its strong brand name, the opportunities of the Los Angeles and Paris areas, its cross-cultural content and consistently increasing traffic make a burgeoning presence on the Web.

The benefits of advertising on Plume Noire

Our readers are educated, open to different cultures and, most importantly, trust our reviews.


They come to Plume Noire to read in-depth texts, rather than the bland movie reviews that abound on the web, and to learn about new international films and trends. Our structure, as a collective of writers located around the world, allows us to cover films that haven't been or will never been released in the US (including those deemed too controversial!). Our privileged access to festivals in France—the prestigious Cannes film festival—or in Los Angeles—AFI film fest, etc.—allow us to emphasize even more the variety of pictures we can bring to our readers. Therefore we emphasize the importance on films which are important or merit in depth review rather than whatever is on the top 5 at the box office.

We cater to a niche, cinephiles and intelligent moviegoers, but with readers coming from the US and around the world, its potential is inexhaustible.


Just like in the film section, we cater to niches, rather than covering the billboard. Thanks to the work of our music editors and the help of the music labels they are in contact with, we are able to review music genres of interest and that appeal to our readership. While we might cover some big acts such as U2 & Madonna, we are mostly interested in talented lesser-known—or forgotten—acts. Electronic, Indie rock, 80's new wave, goth, industrial as well as latin/rock en español music and French are what we-and our readers-are looking for.

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[Other sections are available but we approach them as bonus content, as cinema and music are our core competency.]

Advertisers we are looking for

Because Plume Noire has built its reputation on its very specific content and visuals, we are looking for advertisers and sponsors that are a good match to our brand. If you are selling lawnmowers, your company might not interest our readers and you might not get a lot of clicks. However, if you are in the film or music business, your ad will undoubtedly appeal to our visitors. Also because of our French roots and the selection of French films and CDs we offer, we also appeal to readers interested in French and European culture.

What we offer

Plume Noire generates up to 8,000 visits a day with an average of 4 page views per visit, with a core of regular returning visitors. Click here for more information about our traffic.

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