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Sex With Love

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Sex With Love
Directed by Boris Quercia

Starring: Sigrid Alegría, Álvaro Rudolphy, Patricio Contreras, María Izquierdo
Script: Boris Quercia
Original Title: Sexo con amor
Running Time: 1:43
Country: Chile
Year: 2004
Official Site: Sex With Love
Opening with an amusing parents-teacher sexual education meeting at a school in Santiago, Sex With Love then follows its protagonists to the heart of their homes, as they deal with their own sexuality.

While focusing on the affair between a famous middle-age writer and the young teacher (Sigrid Alegría), the film is filled with colorful characters who bring a joyful and sometimes crude humoristic tone: from a hilarious womanizer (Alvaro Rudolphy) to a 50 year old man (writer director Boris Quercia) having sex with his teenage niece and his wife's masturbating experiments with a zucchini, Sex With Love portraits a society which rigid catholic rules seem to vanish once behind the bedroom—or the office's—close doors. Infidelity, teenage sex, masturbation and homosexuality, which are all taboos in Chile, are here fully exposed with a thematic and visual audacity aiming at underlying the sharp contrast between Chilean's real desires and the hypocritical rules that tend to contain them.

If the movie is set in Chile, the satire is however universal and could as well be applied to Catholic Mediterranean countries such as Spain and Italy; an analogy which is obviously not innocent as Sex With Love owes much to Italian sex comedies. Quercia willingly transposes this sub-genre in Chile, preserving its blend of sexually charged scenes and raucous comedy, without ever imposing a moral judgment. The voyeuristic look of his camera and his involvement, embodying the character with the most shocking behavior, clearly shows that he doesn't pretend to point a finger, but rather shows the true nature of human being, including his own.

Supported by a strong ensemble cast, Sex With Love succeeds thanks to a self-mocking approach and parsimonious doses of humor which help avoid the trap of vulgarity and prove that there is indeed lots of sex without amor in Chile.

  Fred Thom

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