Caché review

:. Director: Michael Haneke
:. Starring: Daniel Auteuil, Juliette Binoche
:. Running Time: 1:55
:. Year: 2005
:. Country: France


One of the amusing things about watching an enigmatic film with an American audience fatly fed on Hollywood-style suspense is that they assume that every mystery must have a logical explanation, a twist that should be revealed in its last sequence, taking you off-guard and flattering your intelligence. At the end of the premiere at AFI Fest, there was much talk about who had shot the video at the center of this film—everybody had his own logical theory and when solicited by some spectators, I told them who was really behind this video, they looked at me with some astonishment, thinking that this press guy with a weird accent was probably smoking too much dope.

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  Fred Thom

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