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Directed by Tinto Brass

Starring: Serena Grandi, Andrea Occhipinti, Franco Interlenghi, Andy J. Forrest
Script: Tinto Brass Carlo Goldoni
Original Title: Miranda
Running Time: 1:33
Country: Italy
Year: 1985
Pushing the eroticism to the doors of pornography, Miranda is a basic work which is addressed exclusively to the softcore afficionado, forsaking the study of subjacent topics to the advantage of genuine vulgarity.

Serena Grandi holds the title role, playing an "adventurous" hotel owner who shares her spare time between the customers of her establishment, a lucky elected official and some villagers. Miranda also takes a malicious pleasure in tormenting her barman, but the search for love will open her eyes to him once and for all.

In contrast with The Key, Miranda is an erotic film in the first degree, exclusively addressed to the primitive instincts of its audience. Stripped of any artistic or thematic ambition—social & moral—, the film alternates without passion between bucolic comedy and eroticism, served by a tedious story and a not very attractive cast; a fact all the more unfortunate given that Brass knew how to build his reputation on works which were addressed as much to the senses as to the spirit.

A latent vulgarity and the help of an abundance of increasingly daring plans, Miranda veers towards pure and hard pornography, leaving the cinephile at the door of this establishment.

  Fred Thom

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