Cheeky review

:. Director: Tinto Brass
:. Starring: Yuliya Mayarchuk, Jarno Berardi
:. Running Time: 1:29
:. Year: 2000
:. Country: Italy


Among the latest productions by Tinto Brass, Cheeky is the most satisfying, because the girls are hot, by modern standards.

With a cheesy love story in the background, Cheeky is a pretext to watch Yuliya Mayarchuk in various stages of undress and the director graces us with a succession of erotic fantasies, from the spa to the showers, the beach and swinger parties. He also has his usual cameo smoking a big cigar: think of him as the Alfred Hitchcock of soft-porn.

Unlike his most important work, The Key, referred to here through a stop in Venice, you can't find any lousy historical or cinematographic excuse to watch this film. Cheeky is purely a guilty pleasure, so don't try to fool anybody if you have it on your shelves, though of course for me it's different since I got as a screener!

The DVD includes a photo gallery as well as backstage documentary of Brass working hard.

  Fred Thom

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