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Dogville Dogville
A true homage to the stripped theater of Bertolt Brecht, Dogville draws its force from faultless acting and writing, served by a mise-en-scène whose genius lies in the capacity to renew a style, avoiding the sketches pre-established by the director in his preceding filmography.

The Dreamers The Dreamers
From the inside of the apartment to quoting classics, both visually and verbally through the characters constantly referring to films, Bertolucci has built his film like a museum, creating a shrine to cinema.

Kill Bill: Volume 2 Kill Bill: Volume 2
After the martial art oriented first episode, Tarantino has clearly defined the second volume of his epic as a western whose roots are obviously in Italy but also in classic American cinema.

Nói Albinó Nói Albinó
Bathed in a saturated bleaching light, scarce in dialogue and advancing slowly, Nói Albinó is a meticulously crafted dreamlike world, injected with highly precise doses of oddity, poetry and humor.

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