Eyes Wide Shut Feature

An In-depth look at Eyes Wide Shut


 Eyes Wide Shut: Review

First off all, let's say that Eyes Wide Shut has little to do with the onslaught of publicity that preceded it.While the intention is sexual, the treatment is cold and intellectual rather than physical or sensual. In fact, one can easily recognize Kubrick's style (cold lights, long scenes..) and this film won't necessarily shock straight-asses and conservatives any more than the director's previous creations.

 Eyes Wide Shut: Kubrick's Testament

Eyes Wide Shut is Stanley Kubrick's Last Testament. Beyond the film itself, this final work marks the final success of the trajectory of its author/director thumbing his nose to the world for the last time. The importance of Eyes Wide Shut overtakes the scope of its theme, strong images, and casting. Kubrick uses the film as a vehicle to plant evidence on cinema and directors, while at the same scoffing at the film world with his 13th film led by Hollywood's Star Couple.

 Eyes Wide Shut: An Intelligent Marketing

Contrary to the usual summer flicks strategy, Eyes Wide Shut didn't benefit from any big budget intended to invade each billboard, radio spot, and French fries container in town. Even more surprising, publicity has been generated by a word-of-mouth through sulphurous rumours regarding its mysterious shooting.

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