Vintage Erotica Anno 1920 review

:. Running Time: 1:30
:. Year: 1920's
:. Country: France


The 1920 entry is undoubtedly the most entertaining of the DVD series Vintage Erotica, released by Cult Epics.

Taking popular poetic figures of French culture and turning them into pretexts for orgies, these short films have an unexpected subversive and humorous dimension which isn't far from the works of writers such as Rabelais and the Marquis of Sade.

From Pierrot to Les 2 Colombines and Pierette carrying her milk, everything turns into group sex — generally two women and a man or vice versa — and we even get a look at how fun it was to be incarcerated during the French Revolution.

There is also an amusing cartoon while the rest of the vignettes include the usual suspects such as nuns giving good spankings, et al.

In addition to these 19 films, the DVD offers a collection of photos, most of them revealing some sort of artistic historical value.

If you need to own one DVD from the Vintage Erotica collection, this is the one.

  Fred Thom

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