100 Girls By Bunny Yeager review

:. Director: Nico B
Starring: Betty Page
Running Time: 0:45
:. Year: 2005
:. Country: USA


A former beauty contest winner and model, Bunny Yeager became one of the most popular glamour photographers back in the 50's, specializing in candid shots on the beach in Florida and having her work published in several magazines, including Playboy.

Her career as a photographer got a good start when she met Betty Page who just had fled to Florida following the investigation of her producer Irving Klaw. From the encounter of the two women, including several beach and nude photographs, one will particularly remember the famous shots of Betty Page and the tigers, which originally had been made as a promotion set for a park.

As the title suggests, 100 Girls By Bunny Yeager features a collection of photographs—and a couple of clips—of models who posed for Yeager throughout the years. Closer to a slideshow than to a documentary, its succession of pictures is accompanied by Yeager's soporific narration whose input mostly consists of riveting things like "Here is Jane Doe. When I met her she was a waitress and she posed for me."

I must admit that, despite all the pictures of these beautiful women, this one of the most boring things I've ever seen and this is certainly not worth a DVD release—it could barely justify its existence as an extra as 100 Girls By Bunny Yeager looks like an amateurish video production class project—and I know what I'm talking about since I took that class. Instead of this, Nico B's Bettie Page Dark Angel would have been a better fit as the third DVD in the The Bettie Page Collection box set.

  Fred Thom

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