Los Angeles Latino Film Festival 2007

:. Duration: October 7 - 14
:. Venue: Arclight Cinemas
:. City: Hollywood
:. Country: USA
:. Edition: 2007/11th
:. Official Site: Los Angeles Latino Film Festival

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Cocalero Cocalero
Unfortunately, Cocalero takes a rather meandering look down a wandering path with no sense of clear direction and we don't learn all that much about Evo Morales.

The Good Voice The Good Voice
Had I listened to the little voice in my head I would have left the theater in the middle of this muddy melodrama from Spain.

Madrigal Madrigal
On paper, Madrigal looked like a promising work that would bring a Cuban tonality to the world of surreal cinema.

Mothers Mothers
In Mothers, we learn the story of the "Madres de la Plaza de Mayo LĂ­nea Fundadora", a group of Argentinean mothers who've been sticking together for years to find out what happened to their children, who were kidnapped by the military government during Argentina's Dirty War in the 1970's.

Radio Corazon Radio Corazon
Radio Corazon is based on three stories that were heard on a popular Chilean radio show.

The Railroad All-Stars The Railroad All-Stars
Railroad All-Stars tells the story of a group of Guatemalan prostitutes who form a soccer team to bring attention to the abuses they suffer at the hands of police and clients in Guatemala City slum.

The Silly Age The Silly Age
A bittersweet coming-of-age tale set in Havana in 1958 on the eve of the Cuban Revolution.

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