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Los Angeles Film Festival 2007 reviews & coverage

LA Film Festival 2007

:. Duration: June 21 - July 1
:. City: Los Angeles
:. Venue: Westwood Village
:. Edition: 2007/13rd
:. Country: USA
:. Official Site: Los Angeles Film Festival 2007

Plume Noire is at the Los Angeles Film festival to bring you exclusive reviews of the films presented.

2 Days in Paris 2 Days in Paris
2 days in Paris is a mix between two cultures and two ways of being intimate with cinema.

The Hottest State The Hottest State
Based on the autobiographical novel by indie darling Ethan Hawke of the same name, The Hottest State chronicles the emotional journey of a young actor struggling with his first love in the city of New York.

Interview Interview
Two notable performances, a mature script and a fascinating subject matter in an age where we know more about Paris Hilton than Iraq render this film relevant. Interview is a stirring tribute to Theo Van Gogh by two of the most interesting actors working today.

Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten
Intertwining interviews and archival footage, The Future Is Unwritten follows director Julien Temple's previous work, this time replacing re-enacted scenes with testimonials from Strummer's peers and fans. While this is certainly the work of an enthusiast, it fails to give us a fair portrait of a talented but highly flawed man.

Kabluey Kabluey
If Kabluey were to pretend to be nothing other than an amateurish indie comedy debut, you could probably cut it some slack. In the end though, it remains nothing more than a shiny broken toy. A vanity project sunk in dorkiness.

The Last Winter The Last Winter
While the esoteric dimension of the story, its suprising ecological theme and the presence of respected actors certainly make The Last Winter an interesting work, in the end Larry Fessenden's film can't be saved from being another forgettable entry in the overcrowded horror genre.

Moliere Molière
With such a pompous title, the premise makes you expect a definitive biopic about the famous French playwright. Molière, however, proves to be a pleasant surprise as, rather than going for the formatted art of a biopic, the writers decided to create an imaginary piece turning Poquelin's life into vaudeville.

Triple Agent Triple Agent
Eric Rohmer and spies! You probably wouldn't expect to see these words in the same sentence. Surprisingly enough, however, Rohmer delivers a fascinating look at real-life spies and geopolitics in Triple Agent.

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