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Suburban Secrets review

Suburban Secrets

:. Director: Joseph W. Sarno
:. Starring: Tom Cikoski, Andrea Davis
:. Script: Joseph W. Sarno
:. Running Time: 1:23
:. Year: 2004
:. Country: USA
:. Official Site: Suburban Secrets

What are those suburban secrets you would like to know? Listening to my professional conscience and bravura, I fixed myself a pastis and decided to uncover those mysteries by popping this DVD into my player.

Well, here is the revelation you've all been waiting for: the secret is that "things" happen behind closed doors, whether it's between men and women, women and women or even between members of the same family. Shocking, isn't it?

Softcore veteran director Joe Sarno transposes the theme of his 1976 "classic" Misty into modern day, assembling a cast of regular people doing wild things — while lead actress Isadora Edison is fairly attractive, don't expect any model-types here, as from curvy and anorexic women to old people, you will get your fair share of realism.

Being past his 70th birthday, you might assume that the filmmaker has also lost his approach to sensuality, which is the case here, as Suburban Secrets is a quite dull affair in general.

The DVD also includes a softer TV version, which is kinda pointless knowing that the people buying these kinds of films have no interest in seeing a softer version.

  Fred Thom