Ghoulish Guide to Halloween/Dia de Los Muertos

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Ghoulish Guide to Halloween/Dia de Los Muertos
All Saintís Day in Los Angeles and Paris

Halloween wasn't always about getting a bag full of Snicker's and avoiding the yucky candy (or worse, 5 pennies wrapped in masking tape) from cheap neighbors. Halloween is short for "All Hallow's Eve", the day before All Saints (Hallows) Day. We Americanos inherited it via Irish immigrants in the 1800's. They got it from the Celts, as October 31 was their New Yearís Eve—the night souls of the dead returned to cause a few problems unless they were bribed with an offering. Hence modern children dressing up as witches, ghosts, and Micky Mouses and yelling "Trick or treat!". Along with the necessary accoutrements-jack'o lanterns, black cats, and surly adolescent Goths—we have something to look forward to each year.

Looking for something ghoulish on Halloween and something slightly more spiritual, festive and less macabre on All SaintĎs Day-Dia de Los Muertos? Here's a few suggestions should you find yourself in Los Angeles or Paris. Of course, these visits can and should be done at any time:

Day of the Dead (and a little Halloween) in L.A. Day of the Dead in Los Angeles
What do you do when you're too old to trick or treat AND have the sneaking suspicion that Halloween has given up its noble pagan roots for overwrought commercialism? Check out the Day of the Dead Celebrations throughout Southern California.

Ghoulish Guide Los Angeles
All of the bewitching nature of Halloween is sharply contrasted by Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Here in the Los Angeles area, such proximity to Mexico and a large Mexican population means a festive celebration remembering the dead and including them in daily life.

Ghoulish Guide Paris
This is a great activity anytime of the year, but on November 1st the city of the dead becomes alive with all of its mortal visitors. You'll find every sort of tribute to the dead here.

The Chair.
What happens when your flea market find is haunted? I'd never had much interest in large items, but "The Chair" caught my eye.
A true story.


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